About Us



is an organization providing person-centered services to individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges. We are comprised of three separate companies providing services to individuals throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  We specialize in connecting our self-advocates with opportunities to be family focused, self- determined, individualized, person centered, strength based and optimize opportunities for job training, employment, growth, independence, involvement in the community, vacation services and to provide long-term support to                                                                                                families in a residential setting.

We appreciate diversity and respect and value our employees and those we serve. We believe in holistic approaches to help the entire person.


We encourage long-term relationships and stress the importance of natural supports, individuality, respect, choice with positive approaches and community integration. In recognizing that people with intellectual developmental disabilities are members of our society and can live successfully in their own communities, we plan to successfully help reunite families and strengthen relationships. We hope to see friendships flourish where none have existed.

Our programs are designed around the fundamental we believe that with the support of family and friends, individuals with developmental disabilities can live successfully, work and play in their community. Individuals with intellectual disabilities can decide how to live their lives and what supports they need. It also means that they are responsible for their decisions and actions.

We believe that families working together is the best vision of creating an environment where self-advocates are recognized and respected in the community.

C.A.R.E.S. staff members work closely with self-advocates, families, employees and Lifesharing providers in order to ensure quality services and the best home match.

C.A.R.E.S. provides licensed services through the Department of Public Welfare as well as unlicensed services for individuals who are independent and require minimal supports.

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