Final Day of the Trip

The group spent the day visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum

10985340_1613145265564418_8417098561755150677_n 10987745_1613145432231068_3374886923065262308_n 11051851_1613145395564405_5503236284841628884_n 11072332_1613145525564392_1388926869963949727_n 11081398_1613145158897762_5722018537483186495_n 11096447_1613145508897727_7293590209380098931_n 11108209_1613145068897771_6376293568409443696_n 11149394_1613145138897764_3228161137534918139_n 11149311_1613145102231101_1526915689568322930_n 11146230_1613145135564431_8899670157473904491_n 11146227_1613145155564429_4502214230271015331_n 11143537_1613145165564428_8045262784076265477_n 11140294_1613145485564396_3827430216518016017_n 11138628_1613145325564412_454625554912521978_n 11133809_1613145458897732_8668255087406200978_n 11133662_1613145162231095_3443574180976254175_n 11156299_1613145462231065_8592911467640381058_n 11156346_1613145082231103_1803293337696763354_n 11159534_1613145275564417_5053313653709051807_n 20150414_193002 20150414_193025 20150415_093105 20150415_101130 20150415_101347 20150415_101414 20150415_105553 20150415_105132 20150415_104739 20150415_104408 20150415_104207 20150415_102952 20150415_101754 20150415_101608 20150415_101456

Van 1 arrived home late last night and Van 2 will be arriving soon.

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Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede

Frank is gearing up for the show tonight.


Sightseeing throughout the day

IMG_4019 IMG_4017 IMG_4016 IMG_4018 20150414_154300 20150414_153703 20150414_144448 20150414_142024

Some more photos from the cabin.

20150414_104043 20150414_105032

The show

IMG_4021 IMG_4014 IMG_4015 IMG_4007 IMG_4012 IMG_4006 IMG_4004 IMG_4003 IMG_4002 IMG_4001 IMG_3999 IMG_3998 IMG_3997 IMG_3996 IMG_3995 IMG_3993 20150414_183527 20150414_182904 20150414_180332 20150414_180308 20150414_180251 20150414_164648


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Settling in to the Cabin

It was almost a 6 hour drive to arrive at our cabin in the Smoky Mountains, but it was worth it.

20150413_091630 20150413_175540 20150413_185110

We arrived to a fun surprise when we found out the cabin included a jukebox, pool table, air hockey game, video games, Pac-Man, and a pinball machine. We enjoyed testing all this out!

IMG_3979 IMG_3978 IMG_3976 IMG_3974 20150413_200211 20150413_200140 20150413_200040 20150413_195935

The cabin was spacious and beautifully decorated.

IMG_3977 IMG_3973 IMG_3967

We all enjoyed relaxing on the porch swing and enjoying the mountain air.

IMG_3972 IMG_3970

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Memphis, Elvis, BBQ, and the Blues

For the third day of the Country Music Vacation the group went to Memphis. Of course, we went to see the home and plane of Elvis.

Everyone was so excited to arrive.


The group toured the Lisa Marie, one of Elvis’s planes.

IMG_3952 IMG_3951 IMG_3949 IMG_3948  IMG_3955

The first two photo’s show everyone gearing up for the tour of Elvis’s home. Sean Snaps a photo while Wayne and Eugene looks around the trophy room. Wow, there are a lot of trophies and awards. You can also see Mary  posing with one of Elvis’s guitars, and the group taking a quiet moment by the meditation fountain. The group was also able to see many of Elvis’s concert costumes while listening to the audio tour.

20150412_142934 20150412_144507 20150412_152047 20150412_151942 20150412_150418 20150412_152556 20150412_151902 20150412_150356

Lunch was at Central BBQ which was voted the best BBQ. Josh and Eugene seem to be enjoying it!

20150412_131444 IMG_3957

With all the activities today we needed a midday nap!


Energized from the nap we were able to enjoy the Memphis nightlife by walking around Beale Street and attending a blues club.

IMG_3953 IMG_3954 IMG_3956 IMG_3945 IMG_3950

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Touring Nashville and Going to the Grand Ole Opry

Here are some photos of the group early in the day touring Nashville.

We are enjoying a Nashville breakfast, and we are all smiles as we get ready for the day.

IMG_3919 20150411_110202

Lunch with the group. Eugene is always watching over everyone

IMG_3928 20150411_132151 IMG_3927

Meghan was lucky enough to have a fun lunch date with four great guys!


After lunch the group took the “Official Redneck Tour of Nashville” and became “certified rednecks”.

IMG_3925 IMG_3924

Here are some great group shots

IMG_3942  20150411_163926-1    20150411_163926

In the evening the group headed to the Grand Ole Opry to see performers like Mark Wills, Kristian Bush, and the Charlie Daniels Bands among many performers.


The performance by the Charlie Daniels Band was incredible. The guys were mesmerized and everyone had goosebumps when they sang the devil went down to Georgia. Eugene Pearla, a chaperone for the trip, made it onstage!

IMG_3932 IMG_3935

All of the performers were amazing and the night was definitely unforgettable. Jim Ed Brown, pictured in the first photo, was inducted into the Opry’s Golden Hall of Fame. He sang Little Jimmy Brown. Bobby Osborne, second photo, sang Rocky Top, and Kristian Bush and Mark Wills are pictures three and four. The last photo shows Kristian Bush singing Gravity.

IMG_3934 IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3940 IMG_3941-1

Everyone’s performance was amazing

IMG_3933  20150411_211424 20150411_210314 20150411_191447 20150411_203205 20150411_205646

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Country Music Vacation – Day 1

What an amazing first day our vacationers had! Two vans left late Thursday evening arriving in Tennessee early yesterday morning. The day began with our groups enjoying breakfast at Perkins and Steak-n-Shake (My favorite!!)

11102767_1611340962411515_6415243628156081393_n 11127752_967813076576069_8489737600134682872_n 11146202_967813103242733_2199518639823123958_n

It looks like they are having so much fun already!

They went exploring and ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe, but not without meeting some interesting people along the way!

11137122_1611520122393599_7735597055660168753_n 11130103_1611519615726983_8690104050762779686_n 11107368_1611519645726980_4412205003103346300_n 11041276_1611519632393648_6611249284961945850_n 10402472_1611519602393651_6904715733715752459_n 11150376_1611520162393595_5148452386411103847_n

The day ended with a free concert.

11138639_1611519699060308_4499101673731826605_n 11138658_1611519745726970_1801379908457071244_n 11102913_1611519769060301_7354047863155434837_n 17423_1611520112393600_3181438745134684505_n

Well…for some the day ended, but I have gotten reports that some VIP vacationers had a very mischievous night.

IMG_3916 This is my favorite picture from the day!!

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