Touring Nashville and Going to the Grand Ole Opry

Here are some photos of the group early in the day touring Nashville.

We are enjoying a Nashville breakfast, and we are all smiles as we get ready for the day.

IMG_3919 20150411_110202

Lunch with the group. Eugene is always watching over everyone

IMG_3928 20150411_132151 IMG_3927

Meghan was lucky enough to have a fun lunch date with four great guys!


After lunch the group took the “Official Redneck Tour of Nashville” and became “certified rednecks”.

IMG_3925 IMG_3924

Here are some great group shots

IMG_3942  20150411_163926-1    20150411_163926

In the evening the group headed to the Grand Ole Opry to see performers like Mark Wills, Kristian Bush, and the Charlie Daniels Bands among many performers.


The performance by the Charlie Daniels Band was incredible. The guys were mesmerized and everyone had goosebumps when they sang the devil went down to Georgia. Eugene Pearla, a chaperone for the trip, made it onstage!

IMG_3932 IMG_3935

All of the performers were amazing and the night was definitely unforgettable. Jim Ed Brown, pictured in the first photo, was inducted into the Opry’s Golden Hall of Fame. He sang Little Jimmy Brown. Bobby Osborne, second photo, sang Rocky Top, and Kristian Bush and Mark Wills are pictures three and four. The last photo shows Kristian Bush singing Gravity.

IMG_3934 IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3940 IMG_3941-1

Everyone’s performance was amazing

IMG_3933  20150411_211424 20150411_210314 20150411_191447 20150411_203205 20150411_205646

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