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Behavioral Support Services

Behavioral Support Services

The Behavioral Support Services provide specialized behavioral support for individuals who may demonstrate behavioral challenges because of limited social skills, communication skills, or impaired sensory systems. Behavioral Support Services provide specialized interventions that assist a participant to increase adaptive behaviors to replace or modify challenging behaviors of a disruptive or destructive nature that prevent or interfere with the participant’s inclusion in home and family life or community life. Supports and interventions will focus on positive behavior strategies incorporating a proactive understanding of behavior, rather than aversive or punishment strategies. The service includes both the development of an initial Behavioral Support Plan (BSP) by the Behavioral Specialist and ongoing behavioral supports.


Initial Plan Development

When services begin, the Behavioral Support Provider will conduct a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) in which they will continue to develop an individualized, comprehensive Behavioral Support Plan as well as a Crisis Intervention Plan.


Ongoing Support

Upon completion of the initial plan, the Behavioral Support Provider will provide both direct and consultative supports for the participant, family members, friends, waiver providers, and other support providers involved within the Behavioral Support Plan.

The Behavioral Support Services provider will have a Behavioral Specialist available for crisis intervention support 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


For more information, contact our Community and Behavior Support Specialist; Allen Graver, M.S. at (570) 225-7360 or

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