Making a Difference Everyday!

Lifesharing is a residential program that enables individuals with developmental disabilities to live in a family home environment, share life experiences and pursue opportunities with supportive people. Individuals are empowered to live to their fullest potential by becoming active, participating members within their Lifesharing family and the communities they reside. Lifesharing allows for individuals with disabilities to live where they want, with whom they want, and live the lifestyle they desire.


C.A.R.E.S. provides the opportunity for individuals to open their home, heart, and life to mentor an individual with a developmental disability. This mutually rewarding experience is a great opportunity for caring and compassionate people who wish to help an individual with a disability develop in his or her areas of interest and address his or her needs and desires. Lifesharing Providers make a difference everyday through providing support, guidance, security, and love to individuals with a developmental disability.


At C.A.R.E.S. we believe in long-term relationships and emphasize the importance of natural supports, individuality, respect, choice, enrichment, and community.


Lifesharing is not just a program, it is a movement!


Lifesharing Families

Lifesharing families are made of people of all ages, genders, races, sexual preferences, nationalities, and religions. Each family differs in construct and there is no “right” family construct for lifesharing, as each of our individuals are unique and looking for different qualities. (i.e. Nuclear families, single parents, single individuals, unmarried couples, etc.)



At C.A.R.E.S., our focus and foundation for a healthy Lifesharing family and VIP relationship is based upon our matching process. We work carefully to match each VIP with the right family or person based upon mutual interest, values, lifestyles, and other individualized characteristics. These factors allow us to focus on planning a living arrangement that will be equally satisfying and rewarding for both the VIP and Provider(s). The matching process allows for VIP’s and families to get familiar with one another through visits and other planned activities that will help in developing a relationship before moving in.



A dedicated C.A.R.E.S. Lifesharing Coordinator is assigned to each VIP and Provider(s).  In many cases, biological family members continue to be involved and provide continuous support. C.A.R.E.S. also offer a 24/7 on call support line. We also recognize Providers desire for breaks or time away without the VIP.  In light of this, we offer 24 respite days to our providers annually.


Locations and Contacts

Northeastern PA

Lifesharing Main Office

105 West Broad Street, Suite 200

Tamaqua, PA 18252

Phone: (570) 225-7360

Senior Lifesharing Coordinator - Crystal Fegley: cfegley@cares4u.org


Lifesharing Lehigh Valley

535 West Emaus Avenue

Allentown, PA 18103

Phone: (610) 797-2059

Senior Lifesharing Coordinator - Bruce Bendik: bbendik@cares4u.org

Central PA

Lifesharing Main Office

216 North McAllister Street

Bellefonte, PA 16823

Phone: (570) 225-5514

Regional Director - Monica Miller: mmiller@cares4u.org

Western PA

Lifesharing Main Office

225 Crowe Avenue

Mars, PA 16046

Phone: (724) 687-7880

Lifesharing and Administrative Services - Kelsea Perfilio: kperfilio@cares4u.org

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